Power Kick

How fast can you kick a soccer ball?

Power Kick is the premier app to determine how fast someone kicks a soccer ball. Point the camera, double tap on the ball, keep the iDevice still, and watch as the app reports back the speed in MPH.

You can save the kick to review later, or just delete that attempt and try again!

The review feature allows one to go frame by frame to see the energy zone during impact, and through the kick.

This app was created to help show improvement in kick mechanics for players that I train, and I hope people enjoy it.

The results of the application depend on color and lighting, so be sure to kick in daylight. The application has a special mode when the ball color is only found in the target region, so if you have a pink ball, bright blue, or orange ball the application is very accurate.

The image processing detects the ball against a different colored background, so using the same color ball as the background will cause the app to not report back a velocity.

This camera requires access to your camera, so be sure to allow it.

This app was optimized for the iPhone 5S, iPhone6, and 6+. It does work on tablets and older 4S's, but sometimes the image processing drops frames which gives inaccurate kicks.

Beyond that, point, double tap, and see if you can get a new high Power Kick!